Above: Atagoyama Kofun (Key-hole shaped burial mound) and Irises

Plants in this park

 There are variety of plants in this spacious park(about 55 acres). So,visitors can make themselves relaxed to see these flowers and trees while walking on the trails of Ancient Burial Mounds cluster through four seasons.

#1. From winter to early spring (From middle of December to early March):

    We can enjoy about 6 kinds of plants including Sasanqua,Magnolia etc.

#2.From spring to early summer (From middle of March to middle of June):

   We can meet about 23 kinds of plants including Poppy, Tulip Tree etc.

        Left: Poppy by Futagoyama kofun                    Middle: Tulip tree at Plant garden            Right: Sanshu(Japanese conelian cherry)

#3.From summer to early fall (From late June to middle of September):

   About 22 kinds of plants including Iris, Sukashiyuri etc welcome visitors in this season.

               Left: Iris by Futagoyama kofun                                                       Right: Sukashiyuri by Nakanoyama kofun

#4.From fall to early winter (From late September to late December):

   We can enjoy about 11 kinds of plants including Adenophora, Maple etc.