Above:    Oshi Castle, original castle was built by the Narita clan in 15th century

3.The Oshi Castle Site Course 




The three- story Turret


Distinctive features of the Oshi Castle

 (1) The Oshi Castle was built by Narita clan around 1478 and demolished in 1873. So, it has almost 400 years history and it is as long          history as it of The Edo Castle. (The Edo Castle was built by Ota Dokan in 1457)


 (2) In ages of Civil War, very famous Lords such as Uesugi Kenshin, Ishida Mitsunari, Otani Yoshitsugu stood face to face with this castle.


 (3) There was a marshy place around the castle, it was difficult for another Lords to attack the castle. So, the Oshi Castle was called “The floating castle”.


 (4)It became an unique castle that no building stood at Honmaru(Main area of the castle). Because, on the way to Nikko, Ieyasu’s dead body was placed at Honmaru. So the Honmaru became a sacred place.


 (5) In Tokugawa period, Lords belong to the close groups to Tokugawa clan, became the Lord of this castle.




Left:     Oshi Castle Period Festival is scheduled in the middle of November

            at the site of Oshi Castle. 



Left:       Suijyo Park


 Oshi Castle was surrounded by marshy places. At this memorial park, not only

people enjoy fishing and viewing the cherry blossoms with family or fiends, but also a great egret enjoy viewing the plum blossoms alone.