Facilities to cope with nature




(1) Toneoseki-dam 


 Toneoseki-dam is a facility that takes water from Tonegawa river for drinking city water in Tokyo and send water to Arakawa river. There are three water channels for fishes and about 4 thousand salmons go through these channels to find their egg-laying site and they will finish their lives of about four years. There, not only salmon in autumn, but also in early summer, we can see Japanese river trout (Ayu).




(2) Sakitama Green Road 


 This is Green Road along with Musashi Water Channel and it connects between Sakitama Burial Park and Akamidaikinrin Park in Konosu City. The road is about 4.5 k meters long and 25 meters wide with walking road and bicycle road. This is good for hiking and people can enjoy cherry blossoms and new green in spring and flowers of cosmos in fall.