Above: Runners of the Tekken (Iron-sword) Marathon at The Sakitama Ancient Burial Mound Park

Main Kofuns:


Inariyama Kofun:

This is the oldest Kofun in this cluster. National treasure, Gold-inlaid Iron Sword and other artifacts were unearthed.

The length is 120 meters(130yd) and this length is the exactly the same of the width of four huge stone faces of the Presidents of United States of America on Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota. (from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln)

Two burial’s facilities were found at not central position on the top of this mound. GPR(Ground-Penetrating Radar) investigation done in 2016, shows that at least one more burial facility would be beneath 2.5 meters(2.7yd) from surface at central area on this mound. However, no excavation of all burial mounds in Japan has been allowed.  


Coffee Break 1:      building period of Inariyama Kofun

Supporting ground on building period of Inariyama Kofun:

1. The year, Shingai(A.D.471)that Iron sword was produced was engraved on the sword .

2. Comparative study of model on Sueki and Haniwa shows the period.

3. This Kofun has layer of volcanic ashes from Mt.Harunasan that had explosion in the first half of the sixth century.

4. There is a Chinese document that China had received mission from Japan in 478. This matches the period (471).



World History 1:   Ruin of the Western Roman Empire

 In Europe, the Western Roman Empire went to ruin in 476. 

In the Orient, the Sui dynasty unified the land of China in 589 and the Tang Dynasty succeeded to establish the new nation in 618.

In the Middle East, Muhammad began the propagation of Islam in 610.








Left:   Maruhakayama Kofun in spring

Maruhakayama Kofun:

This is the biggest class circular Kofun in Japan.

Diameter is 105 meters(116yd), the height is 18.9 meters(21yd).

The dikes are connected to the north and the south with this Kofun.


This dike is called Ishida Dike. Ishida Mitsunari, leader of samurai climbed the mound to the headquarters to overcome the Oshi Castle in 1590.

Futagoyama Kofun:

This is the biggest Kofun in Musashi province. (Saitama,Tokyo and part of Kanagawa Prefecture)

The length is 138 meters(153yd).


Side view of this mound looks like two mountains, so this mound was called Futagoyama(twin mountains).

Shogunyama Kofun:

This was built in the second half of the 6th century and excavated in 1894 by local residents.

Many artifacts were unearthed in stone chamber on this mound.


Shogunyama Kofun Exhibit Hall was built inside the mound, so the visitors can see the stone chamber with their own eyes and this is the first facility such as in Japan.