Twenty young people were allowed to enjoy a night camping by five tents at the site where GYODA OSHI Castle International OLYMPICS 2019 was held previous day. This year is memorial year for GYODA city. For 70 years have passed since GYODA had become city from town, and also it's special year for Japanese people to host Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan. You can watch three-story turret behind white wall with loopholes.
They said that they were on the way to Nikko by their car. This Oshi Castle relates deeply with Nikko and Tokugawa Ieyasu. For Ieyasu enjoyed hunting with falcons, so he visited Oshi-han (present-day Gyoda) seven times. When he died in present-day Shizuoka prefecture, he was planned to be buried at Nikko. On the way to Nikko, Ieyasu's dead body was placed at Honmaru (central area) of this Oshi Castle. So the Honmaru became a sacred place, and no building stood there since those days.
Local people welcomed two families from Oregon and Montana states in the U.S.A. Fathers,their son and daughter joined TABI-TSUNAHIKI (rope pulling game) at GYODA OSHI Castle International OLYMPICS 2019 in Gyoda city.This Olympic (planned by Gyoda Junior Chamber etc) was the first event at Oshi Castle.People who participated the Olympic were expected to put on Japanese traditional TABI on their feet. For Gyoda has been famous as TABI manufacturing town since Edo period.
GYODA City started a new project "GYODA Experience Japan"(c.f. EXP & TABI in this H.P). Kineyatabi,one of Japanese Traditinal Tabi manufacturers in GYODA,offered to accept factory tour for visitors from foreign countries.Picture shows the most difficult manufacturing process by special sewing machine designed only for this process. Visitors can watch craftsmanship,traditional machines and tools.Why don't you come and find adherence for quality by craftsmen and craftswomen for TABI making?
“棋逢對手” 兩國小棋手們無需多言,全神貫注在棋盤上,在無聲的“較量”中,持棋子說話,以棋風交流,憑藉棋魂牽絆友誼。
(1)Cho-tonbo: Color of wings varies like rainbow by direction of sunlight. (2)Haguro-tonbo: Male has a slender body with golden-green color, and female has a black color on whole body. (3)Shojyo-tonbo: This is a legendary animal in China. This name is used to express red color. (4) Shiokara-tonbo: Female has brown stripped pattern on her body. (5) Kiito-tonbo: Not sure ,this is male or female, because of a nymph. (6) Kuroito-tonb: It is male. Female doesn't have blue part at point of its tail.
Senbenren,literally,thousand petals lotus, may be a unique and the most evolved lotus nowadays, however it's less vital than common lotus. It has so many petals from 2000 to 5000 petals that it's difficult for it to open its petals by itself. So, people must help it to open its petals. We could see only two flowers of the lotus in this lotus season in 2019. This is a picture of the second flower at Ancient Lotus Park in GYODA. 
中日友好將棋文化行田市交流會圆满成功。 行田市無形文化財產的將棋吉田碁盤店,92岁高龄盤師吉田第二代傳人,携同盤師吉田第三代、第四代傳人親臨會場。日本將棋連盟所司和晴七段、行田市香川參議員、行田市教育中心所長,行田市政府觀光課,行田市將棋連盟、行田市觀光志愿者聯盟、以及40多名小棋手参加在行田市教育中心举办的中日將棋文化交流会。 整個交流會全程氣氛緊張且愉快,將棋大師們耐心細緻的指導,小棋手們神韻真劍的對弈,謙虛認真的切磋,通過將棋傳達了共識,增進了友誼…最後互贈禮物,互道祝愿,共同期待下次的相聚。
At the east gate of Oshi Castle (Gyoda City Museum) on Jul.15’’19—the end of Japan Heritage Gyoda tour for Eigo-ni-shitashimu-kai., after enjoying from Lotus Park surrounded by lovely lotus flowers to the Sakitama Ancient Burial Mounds. They had a museum tour by the English voice guidance (free). Nagachika (commander in chief) of Oshi Castle Omotenashi Armor Party welcomed them by chance. The Pakistani boy had a lot of fun with feeding carps and seeing a samurai.
At Saitama Prefectural Museum of the Sakitama Ancient Burial Mounds on Jul. 15,’19—GVG did the tour guide of Japan Heritage Gyoda for Eigo-ni-shitashimu-kai from Kazo City. In the center is a Pakistani boy, 6th grade elementary school student in Kazo City. Fortunately we received the curator’s commentaries about Gold-inlaid Iron Sword, the National Treasure of the Inariyama Burial Mound. The members enthusiastically asked him too many questions one after another to leave there soon.

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