Above:   Maruhakayama Kofun (Burial Mound) and cherry trees

                                                              Above:     GVG members and Oshi Castle







 GVG is “Gyoda Volunteer Guide Association for Foreigners”. We are very glad to guide foreign people to historic legacies in Cool-Town Gyoda.

 GVG Members can explain the points of the sites to people from the world, in English,Chinese.

  Members' introduction is described on the lower layer page (Members) of this page.


  So, please come and see our legacies in Heritage-Town Gyoda.


1. Japan Heritage GYODA                                     : HERITAGE

2. Sakitama Ancient Burial Mounds course      : SAKITAMA

3. Oshi Castle Site course                                    : OSHI

4. Tabi(Japanese Socks) Storehouse course   : TABI

5. Ancient Lotus Partk course                             : LOTUS

6. Temples and Shrines course                           : TEMP.

7. Cultural and Historical Legacies                      : LEGACIES

8. GYODA Experience Japan                                :EXP.

 (1) TABI(Traditional footwear)  making              :TABI making course  

 (2) HANIWA (Artifact) making                             :HANIWA course 

 (3) MAGATAMA (Classical jewel) making          :MAGATAMA course

 (4) Dressing in Samurai KATCHU                        :KATCHU   course

 (5) SENBEI (Rice cracker) making                        :SENBEI course

 (6) ZAZEN(Zen meditation)                                   :ZAZEN course

 (7) KO-DO(Art of incense burning)                       :KO-DO course

  Access to Gyoda                                                 ACCESS

  Application for Tour Guide                                : APPLI.


  Activities & Events                                             : BLOG   (You can enjoy the latest pictures)





Maruhakayama-Kofun(Burial Mound) and Sequoia trees


Ishida Mitsunari placed a headquarters at the top of this Kofun in 1590. These tall trees(Sequoia) were presented to the Showa Emperor (124th generation in his family) by American Government.

        GVG thanks for GYODA CITY MUSEUM, ANCIENT LOTUS MUSEUM, MUSEUM OF THE SAKITAMA ANCIENT BURIAL  MOUNDS , GYODA EDUCATION COMMITTEE, GYODA City Tourism Association, GYODA Tourism Volunteer Association, Oshi Castle Omotenashi Armor Party and GYODA CITY HALL, for GVG utilized the information and photographs that they present, effectively.