Old Living Houses:


Left:  Nagaya-mon Gate


(1) The Takazawa (The Takazawa’s House)

 The Takazawa has been living there since the early Edo period or before, and was wealthy farmer as Myoshu, leader of this area. Takazawa Toshinori contributed to social activities in Gyoda,  such as executive member of Electric Company and reclamation works of Kobarinuma-pond. However The Takazawa lost most of the land property by Land Reform after World War. The five buildings including the Nagayamon-gate were approved to National Registered Corporeal and Cultural Property in 2007. The Nagayamon-gate was erected in 1859. Main House and Storehouse are supposed to be built at the same period. 



Lefy:  Main House


Another One-storied House and Detached House were built around in 1897. The Main House is now reused as Coffee-gallery (Dyeing, Ceramic Art) and visitors can enjoy lunch at an old-fashioned atmosphere.


Left:  Big Ema


This big Ema(Picture Board) was kept at the Takazawa since Edo period. When people of Nagano village had tour of Oisesama (Visit to Ise Shrine), they bought this Ema as souvenir to the Takazawa who had been Myoshu (Leader of the village) and he was a sponsor of the tour. Unfortunately, this picture doesn’t show the lower part where names of village members were written on. Foreigner and carrying box with emblem were painted at left side. They might put on Oshi-tabis (Japanese socks might be made in Gyoda) on their foot. This might be the famous sightseeing spot. 






(2) Nagai Photograph House 


 It has an unusual wooden, western architecture in Gyoda and was built as photograph shop and house in late Taisho period. The first floor was for living house, the second floor was for studio. It has a fine design inside and it reflects good atmosphere of Taisho period.