Above:  Maruhakayama Kofun and Sequoia trees

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Mark Twain

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1 date: 4/10 (Sun)

2 meeting time: 10 a.m.

3 members: 3

4 available time: 3 H

5 tour: lotus(#4) & sakitama(#1)

6 request: Japanese restaurant for lunch

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Be careful for Selection:

  Free Tour Guide is available on Saturday,Sunday and holidays.

  Meeting Place is at Gyoda Station (JR), not Chichibu line's.

  It is desirable to apply early at least a week before you come to Gyoda.

  However, GVG wants to be flexible for above condition, if staff is available.

 So, please call us (by QR code on TOP page) or send e-mail (by this Application) for your request.


 Members : Including you

 Available time: Including lunch time 

  Tour      #1 SAKITAMA (SAKITAMA Ancient Burial Mounds Course) : 1~2 Hours

                #2 OSHI (OSHI Castle Site Course)   : 30Min.~1Hour

                #3 TABI (Japanese Socks Storehouse Course) : 1 Hour

                #4 LOTUS (Ancient Lotus Park Course)   : 1 Hour

                #5 TEMP (Temples & Shrines Course)     : Depends on selection of the visitting site

     You can choose one course only or more. The whole tour takes longer than three hours.

 GYODA Experience Japn

                #6 TABI making(Traditional footwear)    :The 2nd Sunday (2 Hours) & week days(appointment is required)

                #7 HANIWA(Artifact making)

                #8 MAGATAMA(Classical jewel making)

                #9 KACHU(Dressing in Samurai armour) :Sundays and holidays in April,May, October and November 

                #10 SENBEI(Rice cracker making)

                #11 ZAZEN(Zen meditation)                      :40 minutes (appointment is required)                     

                #12 KO-DO(Art of incense burning)          :1,000 yen (appointment is required)         





Left:  Oshi castle


The original castle was built around 1478. In Italy the famous painting 「Last Supper」was completed by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1498.