7. Legacies


GYODA locates at center of Kanto district and lies between two big rivers, Tonegawa-river and Arakawa-river. People found means to make their living ways there. Some of them grew strong and got wealthy position in the society. This is one of the reasons why GYODA is blessed with historical legacies. 

The Sakitama area has been rich field where wild ducks and herons flied in the sky since Ancient period. Poem on Sakitama's ducks was described in The Manyoshu that was compiled in 759 and is Japan's oldest extant collection of poems.The poem was engraved in 1697, on left stone lantern at Sakitama shrine on Sengenzuka Kofun(burial mound) in Sakitama Kofun cluster.The stone lantern and birds in rice field remind us the ancient days.